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  • The Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP)

Our colleges are perfectly suited to connect talented students to businesses in need. Our Global Virtual Internship Program brings companies a team of virtual interns. Qualified students work in groups under the direction of our eCommerce expert, working on customized solutions to business problems, at low costs with high results.

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VIP Career Training Paths

Implementing culturally appropriate Social Media Marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness globally.
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Social Media Marketing

Analyzing global consumer trends in a target overseas market to guide Marketing campaign and address gaps.
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Global Marketing Analysis

Using proven advertising strategies to target consumers globally and increase visibility and reach.
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Global Advertising

Leveraging Analytics to make informed strategic decisions in an ever changing global marketplace.
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Data Analysis

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The Global Trade Springboard is a virtual showcase that pairs local ecommerce businesses with local community college students. It is designed to show what can be accomplished by students in a relatively short period of time with a few essential digital marketing skills.

Are you looking to bring Global Trade internship opportunities to your community college?

“The [Virtual Internship Program with Limoneira] really prepared me for what to expect in the business world and it gave me an opportunity for self-realization; I was able to identify ways in which I could improve”

-Tod, International Business Student at Moorpark College VIP