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The Global Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a completely virtual instruction that provides students with supervised experience in conducting client-orientated research and business strategy execution.

During the internship, students will work collectively to scope the problem and identify gaps for their client, analyze consumer trends and behaviors, and develop ideas to address the client’s needs. Students will produce interim reports throughout the internship to track progress and receive instructor feedback to develop their skill set throughout the program. 

Global Springboard

The Global Trade Springboard is a virtual showcase that pairs local ecommerce businesses with local community college students. It is designed to show what can be accomplished by students in a relatively short period of time with a few essential digital marketing skills.

Our colleges are perfectly suited to connect talented students to businesses in need. Our Global Virtual Internship Program program brings companies a team of virtual interns. Qualified students work in groups under the direction of our eCommerce expert, working on customized solutions to business problems, at low costs with high results.

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Bring Global Trade Internship Opportunities to Your Community College

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“The Virtual Internship Program really prepared me for what to expect in the business world and it gave me an opportunity for self-realization; I was able to identify ways in which I could improve.”

VIP Presentations

View and download presentations focused on the benefits of the VIP program and student case studies.

VIP Career Training Paths

Core Activities

Within their internships, students will gain industry experience through …

Implementing culturally appropriate Social Media Marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness globally.
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Social Media Marketing

Analyzing global consumer trends in a target overseas market to guide Marketing campaign and address gaps.
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Global Marketing Analysis

Using proven advertising strategies to target consumers globally and increase visibility and reach.
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Global Advertising

Leveraging Analytics to make informed strategic decisions in an ever changing global marketplace.
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Data Analysis

Digital Badges

As part of the VIP application process, students earn digital badges in a variety of topics. Students work at their own pace to complete the badges as part of the VIP application. All digital badges include online videos with accompanying quizzes, allowing students to work independently or as part of a classroom assignment. The badges provide industry-recognized knowledge and employable skills attainment.
A resume is asked for by employers, schools, and other organizations throughout your entire career. In this badge, we will show you how to quickly build a professional resume using Google docs templates.

Google: Start Your Resume

Managing data is critical to the operation of companies in nearly all industries, and spreadsheets are a universally accepted tool to quickly organize data for a variety of uses.

Google Sheets

We want you to be successful and show your level of excellence and commitment to your future professor, boss, and co-workers. We will review these skills and more.

Work and Internship Success

Supply Chain Management Software provides a hub for sourcing products for a number of companies across a variety of industries ranging from hospitality, technology, financial services and many more.

Supply Chain Software

Digital Marketing is the primary focus of this internship and this badge will help you gain the necessary framework needed to be successful in our program. Learn about key digital marketing concepts and test your knowledge with questions developed by industry leading experts.

Digital Strategy

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