Gordon Hinkle Keeps Global Trade Moving in the North/Far North Region

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No matter what happens in politics, global trade needs to continue. Success comes from figuring out how to work within a challenging political situation to achieve business goals. Gordon Hinkle has decades of experience doing just that and now brings that experience to the role of Global Trade Regional Director in the North/Far North Region.

Hinkle became Regional Director in March after a long career in the global trade industry. He previously served as Senior Vice President for Global Operations at The California Center, an organization that helps California-based companies do business in China. Before that, he was Director of Public Policy and Communications/International Trade for the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce.

As Regional Director, Hinkle plans to establish a mentorship program for students to learn more about global trade and career possibilities within the field. Mentors will help them explore career paths and make sure they are set up for success when it’s time to find a job.

“Mentors won’t just help them get internship ideas, but instead figure out what they want to do as a career,” Hinkle said. “What I’m passionate about is helping any individual coming out of a community college identify where they would like to work in global trade.”

Hinkle also plans to spread the word about diverse opportunities available within global trade. A common misconception, he said, is that the sector is all about logistics and banking. He has experience helping everyone from farmers to theme park owners find success abroad.

He hopes to give students the opportunity to see those partnerships in action through a trade mission program that would take them to Mexico, Canada, or even Asia.

Gordon Hinkle Keeps Global Trade Moving in the North/Far North Region“There’s so much that the state of California offers the global landscape,” Hinkle said. “I want students to see those possibilities and what they can aspire to if they put in the time and effort.”

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