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We hope your summer is in full swing and we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some exciting new developments and resources we have at the Global Trade Sector as we look at the Fall Semester right around the corner. As COVID changes our everyday habits, handshakes are out the door and work from-home jobs become the norm. We can expect opportunities in the textile industry, to innovate masks and other personal protection equipment. Moving forward, many more companies will hire remote talent in another city, state, or even country! This opens up opportunities all over the world. And the best way to prepare? Check out all of the resources, internships, and tools we have at the Global Trade sector to help you on your way to a worldly and rewarding career path!

Adilene Polis
South Central Coast Regional Director
Global Trade Sector

latest global trade news

Employment Statistics

An impressive 146% year over year growth in North American online orders have helped cross-border e-Commerce businesses grow rapidly. Now, these companies require resourceful, digitally-native talent to navigate the triple-digit growth. Look out for careers in the supply chain, order management, operations and fulfillment positions as the demand for these positions grows every day! How can you get an edge? Look for internships (especially those heavy in digital/online learning) and learn a foreign language. Companies value diverse, globally-knowledgeable talent to help them manage the coming days.

Featured Company

Shopify is an Ottawa, Canada based e-Commerce company with a proprietary platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses offer their services and products online. It is in a unique position to truly help small independent business owners pivot and remain relevant and operating in the COVID age. New stores created on the Shopify platform grew 62% this spring however many merchants downgraded from Shopify Plus to lower-priced plans indicating businesses are concerned about the bottom line and ability to spend on services and tools. The good news is many more small businesses will survive this crisis because of Shopify. The vast majority of people are employed by small businesses, so this can be a literal lifeline for many workers and entrepreneurs. MORE INFORMATION.

New Programs

moorpark college logo

Moorpark College is proud to announce that two new programs in International Business will be added to their college catalog this year: a Certificate and an Associate in Science (A.S.) Degree. The programs offer a broad perspective of traditional business operations within a global framework as preparation for entrepreneurship or entering the workforce.  Topics covered will include international marketing, logistics, import/export, sales, business management, and more.  Courses specific to International Business will have Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) and will be offered entirely online. 

  • Certificate in International Business: To earn a Certificate of Achievement in International Business, students must complete 21 specified units.  The certificate is a great first step on a pathway to an Associate’s Degree.
  • A.S. Degree in International Business: To earn an A.S. Degree in International Business, students must complete 27 specified units as well as the college’s General Education requirements and/or elective units for a minimum of 60 units.  This program prepares students for the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) exam.

For more information please see the Moorpark College catalog or contact Reet Sumal at nsumal@vcccd.edu


  • JULY 31, 2020: CTE ToolKit: Global Competence Through CTE Programs
    Designed for CTE educators and for schools interested in deepening their support for CTE.
  • AUGUST 7, 2020: Jobspeaker and LinkedIn Learning Virtual Training
    Ryan Zervakos from LinkedIn will illustrate how LinkedIn Learning will supplement our students’ coursework and enhance their indemand skill attainment.
  • SEPTEMBER 11, 2020: CTE ToolKit: Employability Skills For a Global Economy
  • OCTOBER 13-14, 2020: 8th Annual Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit at USC
  • 2020 Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series


the t-shirt that travels the world modulr


Now is the perfect time to teach our Global T-Shirt Module. This plug and play series of lessons gets rave reviews. It is so easy to teach online or onsite. The T-Shirt That Travels the World module illustrates the role of global trade in a fun and engaging way that will resonate with your students. An impressive 95% of teachers who completed this program recommend it to their peers.


Virtual internship Program: After the very successful completion of our first Spring Virtual Internship Program we are proud to announce The Fall session of our Virtual Internship Program is accepting applicants from the College of Canyons, Moorpark College, SBCC and Cuesta County. APPLY WITH YOUR CAREER COUNSELOR OR CLICK HERE

Spring 2021 White House Internship Program: Want to work at the White House? The application for the Spring 2021 Internship Program is open until Friday 8/28/20. You will need to create an account to apply and must be a currently enrolled student, have graduated within the past 2 years or an Army veteran. APPLY NOW.

ShipHawk Internships: Positions available in Customer Success, Software Engineering, Program Management and People Operations. VIEW JOB OPENINGS HERE.

Operations Intern – Remote at KiwiCo. See openings here.
Data Analyst and Digital Design Internships at DRW. See openings here.
Graphic Design Internship at the Mayfair Group. See opening here.
Distribution Analyst Internship at Raistone Capital. See opening here.
Hospitality Manager Internship at VETPAW. See here.
Chinese Speaking Remote Internship at GAOTek. See opening here.
Data Analyst at Simpleshow. See opening here.

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