• Skills Attainment

Global Advertising


The Global Advertising track is offered in an 8-week or 12-week session. During this time, students will conduct market and competitive research to educate themselves on the company and its opportunities. After gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of various ad platforms, the students will build and launch a test campaign for the client.


This internship requires students to apply technical skills they have acquired in class and during the boot-camp to analyze consumer trends, evaluate assigned client’s objectives and needs to develop an effective marketing campaign. The specific objectives are:
  • Analytics and Data Interpretation. Students will be introduced to Google Analytics and the basics of website metrics, as well as advertising performance metrics. They will leverage this data to make informed decisions in the creation of a marketing strategy.
  • Client Relations and Teamwork. Students will develop the interpersonal skills through interaction with the client and their team. Students will manage teamwork and create a constructive and professional working relationship to address client’s needs and discuss expectations.
  • Digital Tradecraft. Students will strengthen their skill set and gain a better understanding of the different advertising platforms available for businesses. They will learn the fundamentals of creating a digital campaign for Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads or Amazon as well as launch a campaign.


Interns will get an in-depth overview of the global digital marketing landscape and gain a working understanding of how organizations are marketing in today’s digital age.


Global Advertising Strategy

Discuss how to build a global advertising strategy and discuss effective tactics that can be deployed as part of a successful advertising strategy in today’s digital landscape.

Advertising Platform Review

Review Google Ads, Google Shopping and Amazon advertising platforms in detail to better understand how these platforms are leveraged for ecommerce companies looking to expand globally.

Client and Competitor Global Market Analysis

Analyze client’s target demographic and the advertising strategy of similar companies to see what tactics and strategies they are deploying.

Deploy and Optimize a Global Advertising Campaign

Discuss campaign recommendations, make modifications and launch campaign. Discuss how to optimize an advertising campaign and how the brand should be strategically creating, building and maximizing their plan to connect with their target audience.

Client Presentation

Consolidate projects completed throughout the course into a client-facing presentation to be delivered during to the business client.