Global Analytics

The Global Analytics track is offered in an 8-week or 12-week session. Students will take a deep dive into Google Analytics and identify how to leverage data to provide meaningful recommendations. Analytical data combined with market research will be presented to the client to offer a holistic overview of their business online.
students using a laptop computer

Skills Attainment

This internship requires students to apply technical skills they have acquired in class and during the boot-camp to analyze consumer trends, evaluate assigned client’s objectives and needs to develop an effective marketing campaign. The specific objectives are:

Course Framework

Intern Boot Camp

Interns will get an in-depth overview of the global digital marketing landscape and gain a working understanding of how organizations are marketing in today's digital age.

Client and Competitor Global Market Analysis

Discuss clients target demographic and analyze the social media strategy of similar companies to see what tactics and strategies they are deploying.

Global Trend Setters

Analyze trendsetting brands who have used non conventional tactics to differentiate themselves globally.

Google Analytics Training

Deep dive into Google Analytics in order to better understand the platform and how to leverage the data to make business decisions.

Global Data Analysis

Expand knowledge around data metrics that help brands better establish themselves as a global brand and analyze their data to help the client make better digital marketing decisions.

Client Presentation

Consolidate projects completed throughout the course into a client-facing presentation to be delivered during to the business client.

Client Testimonials

A group of students from the California International Trade Center at Long Beach City College helped Craig McManis, founder of MagnetPal to expand their digital marketing efforts. This win-win partnership allowed the students to learn real-world skills while helping the business expand its online footprint and create engaging content to reach a new audience.

This project enhanced MagnetPAL’s overseas presence and a new distributor relationship in New Zealand was established based on search engine optimization recommendations made by the interns.

Getting the additional eyeballs on our digital marketing campaigns allowed us to continue to serve our audience with clever and creative things. The students understood that their role in growing domestic sales would also impact global sales.